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Madison F.

Sheri is amazing! She is so good with my dog, Louie, he absolutely loves her! She has  helped us so much and I always see a huge difference in him after one session!

Renee O.

Sheri was very good with our 1 year old golden retriever. She gave us good training tips on leash walking & things to practice.  Also keeping our dogs attention when distracted. Our 2 big issues. I would highly recommend Sheri if having issues with your dog.

Melissa H.

Sheri is very professional & came prepared. She took the time to observe how my dogs learn and recognized things that would not work for them. She had great observations. She gave me a lot of feedback on how I can be effective too. I was left with a clear understanding of the plan to meet my specific training goals. I feel good about following through on the plan & will definitely reach out if I hit snags, etc… Sheri is easy to work with and very positive. Highly recommend.

Jess B.

Sheri met us at our house for the training and made both my fiance and myself, along with our dog, Tate, feel incredibly comfortable and relaxed. She really listened to our main concerns with our dog and gave us the tools and knowledge to work with him and improve his behaviors. She was incredibly knowledgeable, responsive, and kind. I would highly recommend her to my friends and family who is in need of a dog trainer, and we will definitely be using her for refreshers in the future. Thank you Sheri!

Kelly C.

Watching Sheri interact with dogs is a special experience! She is very intentional and intelligent in her communication with them, and you can see how they respond to her differently than other people. She loves her work and really cares about getting the best results possible with each animal. I would definitely recommend hiring her to work with you and your pet!

Ashley D.

Sheri was wonderful when it came to training my (very stubborn) dachshund puppy. For our first session, she started by asking what my main concerns and goals were and then proceeded to guide me through how to best approach those things. In our group sessions that followed, we learned all of the basics from “sit” to proper leash walking. I saw a difference almost immediately and it completely changed my relationship with my pup. It is evident that Sheri is passionate about what she does and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a knowledgeable trainer!

Kelly W.

Our first training session with Sheri was already so informative and helpful.  She was so thorough in listening to our concerns and problems we were having.  My dog is already following the two commands I was taught. I am looking forward to our next session!!  I highly recommend her training.

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