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About So Help Me Dog

Dog Training in Pittsburgh

So Help Me Dog, LLC is a dog training company that trains dogs in the Pittsburgh area. I analyze your relationship with your dog and find where there is an imbalance and try to help you repair it. I use current methodology and scientific methods that have been tested and proven to work! I believe that dogs and other animals are intelligent souls that need to be treated with kindness and respect. I believe that if we truly listen to what our dogs are saying, then we would have less problems training them. I believe that dogs can learn anything! The sky's the limit! I help you find out what motivates your dog to stay focused on you. This could be food, toys or resources.

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Kindness, Motivation & Fun

I will show you how to train your dog using kindness, motivation and by keeping learning fun. I will help you practice skills in the environment in which you are having trouble. This means that if you are having trouble with unwanted behaviors at home, then I come to your house. If you are having issues in public, then I come with you to show you how to manage and prevent unwanted behaviors in stores, breweries and the dog park. I feel that a lot of dog/human relationships have trouble because we aren't able to understand each other. I help you to create a strong, positive, healthy bond with your dog. Feel free to sign up here for private training, Canine Good Citizen Certification/training, Therapy dog services, Snake Avoidance Training and so much more! 


  • Pets for Veterans Dog trainer

  • Advisory Board of the A.W. Beattie Career Center

  • Ophthalmology Veterinary Nurse for 30 years

  • Certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

  • Experienced canine evaluator for UPMC Children's Hospital Of Pittsburgh's Pet Friends Volunteer Program

  • Provided training for PTSD and Autism Support Service dogs

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My mission is to treat animals with kindness and respect. I believe that every animal has different learning abilities and has a unique learning style. I want to teach more people about the emotional and intellectual ablitlites of animals-especially dogs. 


I want to teach people to learn more about dogs and why they behave the way that they do. I want to help to keep dogs out of shelters and in their homes where they are loved and cared for.  

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