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I am a dog trainer with over 40 years experience. My training methods are science based and as force free as possible. I teach clients how to IMPROVE their relationship with their dogs by increasing their bond and learn why and how dogs behave the way that they do. I use food, affection, toys, play and whatever else motivates YOUR dog. Each lesson is individually tailored to your needs. My methodology takes time and patience and will make you and your dog's bond stronger. By giving your dog choices, they will become more relaxed and confident and happier member of your FAMILY.



A training program for man's best friend 🐕

I'm here to guide people to communicate and teach their dogs to live happier lives. I  offer private, in-home training for basic obedience, special needs dogs (such as blind/vision impaired), therapy dogs and more! These lessons give you and your dog 100% of my attention, which let's us focus on your dog's specific needs and your goals. I train you and your dog in your home. This is where most issues start. Once training improves, we can move to public places. Training methods used are positive and geared towards your dog's perspective and motivating factors. This means that we find out what the dog wants as payment for good behavior and teach it to offer it over and over again until it becomes second nature. By teaching a dog what is expected from it, he/she can learn to make better decisions on its own-thus becoming better behaved. 

Benefits of Private Training Lessons: 

  • The lessons are tailored for you! They can include everything from jumping on guests, barking, stealing, not coming when called and much more!

  • Dogs with special needs and blind dogs are close to my heart and get discounted training!

  • I'll work with you to make the best plan for you and your dog. Training summaries are sent after the visit so that you don't need to stress about forgetting what was said.

  • Training handouts on each new command are given to you.

The first Training Consult is an hour and a half long. If you need step by step, private instructions, contact me today!

                            Insured and Bonded!


Classes Are Below

So Help Me Dog's goal is to help you strengthen your bond and communication with your dog. Your dog is able to reach their full potential by using compassionate, current and science-based methodology. You will be guided through these lessons using simplistic instructions-no fancy words.  This type of instruction gives you the tools to understand how your dog thinks and gives insight into their behavior. This will help you teach them skills to last a lifetime.


Private, in-home training gives one on one attention to you and your dog. The first session is 1 1/2 hours in length. Each lesson is tailored to your dog's needs. You will be given demonstrations, handouts and summaries of your training session. You will be taught first hand how to improve your relationship with your dog and learn how to problem solve and address undesirable behaviors. Additional visits are one hour(rechecks). 

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Private Group classes are available

“Perseverance, secret of all triumphs”

Victor Hugo



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